Our Product


To achieve significant ROI, enterprise software requires extensive, scalable, and secure integration.

The “Glue Code” that must be developed to achieve this level of integration for mobile is often the majority of the code base. The development of this commodity “Glue Code” consumes the majority of the budget, creates most of the delays, and carries the highest risk.

NoIDE was developed to solve these challenges by enforcing the new architectural requirements and integration points imposed by mobile and the “internet of things”. Meapio’s platform automates the “Glue Code” and enables your developers to focus on the two areas with the highest ROI – the user interface and the data model.

  • Automates “Glue Code”
  • Reduces the majority of project risk
  • Eliminates the majority of programming
  • Enables anyone to build secure, integrated, data driven apps
  • Delivers data to and from your mobile apps, web portals and other internet connected “things”
  • Makes mobile safe by encrypting your data, protecting your transactions, restricting unauthorized access, and preventing data loss

Build highly secure, deeply integrated mobile apps & websites in a fraction of the time.

Provide your organization with the benefits of secure, enterprise grade, highly integrated mobile apps.


Types of Solutions Deployed On  



  • Events
  • Medical
  • Travel  
  • Audit
  • Loyalty
  • Incidents
  • Work Orders
  • Ecommerce
  • Trucking
  • Media
  • Oil & Gas
  • Recreation
  • CRM
  • Inspection

Key Areas Mobile Strategy Can Offer:

Information Services (Traffic Reporting, etc), Mobile Banking, Mobile Brokerage, Mobile Ticketing, Location Based Services, Mobile Marketing (Mobile Ads are searched more than internet ads)